The Plight of Doktor Fear

Doktor Fear works in their hospital and dwells in their dwelling with their partner Doktor Farr and cat Poo.

Doktor Fear was first featured in the Benbo coronavirus manual HOW TO SURVIVE A PANDEMIC. But here is the original drawing from Benbo’s sketchbook:

You can buy it if you want but bear in mind the original sketch includes a free dirty mark over the K.

Probably better to buy the colour one:

After appearing as the cover star of HOW TO SURVIVE A PANDEMIC, Doktor Fear was commissioned by Benbo to ghostwrite a marketing catalogue in the guise of an intimate biographical sketch.


Following publication Doktor Fear was surprised to learn that their contractual arrangement with Benbo included the assignment of all image rights in perpetuity.

A range of Doktor Fear merchandise was subsequently launched.

We do not condone the exploitation of Doktor Fear nor of any other creative in an imbalanced power relationship.

In short, do not purchase any of the Doktor Fear products at this link.

Benbo has also exploited Doktor Fear’s image rights on a range of digital content, including these Instagram filters:

And posters of varying sizes.

Sign the petition calling for Benbo to release Doktor Fear from their punitive contract here:

Together we can face down powerful exploiters.

Team BGM!