Benbo Global Megastore: Origins

As you see it today, Benbo Global Megastore is the centre of the international Benbo Product/Service Universe.

But it wasn't always this way.

In fact, our story of this Universe begins in 2003, not with a Big Bang - but with something of a small bang.

Deep into the night, Benbo is recording his first song, "Sheep On Drugs" - a paean to Huntingdon which would later go on to soundtrack the popular BBC1 show Homes Under The Hammer.

But he had yet to do anything visual.

Fast forward to 2007 and Benbo is on a beach in Crete feeling self-piteous like any good heteronormative middle class white man.

Purchasing two small notebooks from the local shop and inscribing them 'SHIT' and 'WANK', he begins to draw doodles which will go on to form the first of his occasional T-shirt runs.

Fast forward to 2014 and Benbo is in Los Angeles. He has spent the past year on a mammoth collaboration project and is pitching co-writes to filmmakers. Some tracks will end up on soundtracks for HBO and award-winning documentaries.

Fast forward to 2020. COVID-19 hits and Benbo, who had had to get two normal jobs because of running out of money in 2017, is furloughed. 

Time to clear up three years of mess. 

Under the stacks of paperwork and among all the disorganised boxes is an iMac that has lain idle. 

Magically, through the power of Apple, the iMac sets itself up, downloads 13 years of drawings, colours them in, and starts assembling them into a book: HOW TO SURVIVE A PANDEMIC.

The iMac sends a copy of the book to {GRACE} & FAV[OUR].

And magically, {GRACE} & FAV[OUR] help Benbo create & run the Benbo Global Megastore.

And that is the origins story of the Benbo Global Megastore.